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List of other services


We are working on the goal of providing "I wish I had such a service".
If you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Service at Port

Check your car at port, Measure LWH, Inner cargo, Engine number check, Put company sticker, etc
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests!

  • No time to go to port.
  • Spending time and money for just little work to do at port.
  • If you have above problem, please consider our service.

Land Transport

Arranging land transportation from any auction to ports and your yard
*Negotiable for other places

  • Entering point A to B , estimated price will be display.
  • One-click order from successful bid page in our website.
  • Please feel free to ask estimation!

Car re-auction

Arrangement Re-auction for your requested cars

  • Create auction sheet.
  • Prepare Re-auction.
  • Arrange land transportation.
  • Report auction result immediately.
  • CSV download.

Dealer Inspections

Experienced staff go to your specific place for vehicle inspection

  • Save your time and cost.
  • Its too far from where you are.
  • You can rest assured that Smart Inspection staff will conduct the inspection.
  • Easy to order same as Smart inspection.


We sell re-built pats and used parts

  • Monthly invoice with other service charge.
  • Easy order and quick response.
  • Free estimates provided.

License Plate

Sending licence plate to request address on the same day of auction

  • If you need to have licence plate as soon as purchsed at auction.
  • Easy order by our website.

Document agency

De-register and create export certification.

  • Vehicle export certification.
  • Change Registration.
  • Tax refund.
  • Return Recycle ticket.
  • Apply cancel liability insurance.

Car Repair

Repair and maintainance

  • Easier repair services.
  • Supply photos before repair and after repair.
  • Please feel free to ask for estimation.

Export package

All-in-one service : Smart AA-check→Smart Bid→Land transport→Smart Inspection→Document→Shipping service.

  • 1 click for each services, 1 invoice for all services.
  • Easy to request ,Easy to manage!
  • Plaese feel free to ask for combination package.
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